Alpha Finance

Alpha Finance is a DeFi labs based in Thailand building a suite of unique DeFi products. Its current main product is Alpha Homora (V1 & V2) which allows to create leveraged yield farming positions on top of supported protocols such as Uniswap or Sushiswap. Alpha Homora’s built-in lending for ETH and stablecoins has catapulted Alpha into the top league of decentralised lending platforms. Upcoming products include AlphaX, a decentralised perpetual swaps solution which will be integrated with Alpha Homora.

Qi experts reviews

Alpha came to the market with an innovative idea of leveraged yield farming. Product market fit turned out to be perfect – after DeFi summer 2020 it brought some fresh air for farmers. On the top of that very strong team – experienced CEO wity background both in finance and crypto (former head of strategy at Band Protocol) and MIT graduate with multiple gold medals on international math olympiad. If thats not enough, Alpha is backed by industry-leading investors including Multicoin & Delphi Digital. The vision of whole project is to create not one product but the whole ecosystem that will innovate DeFi in various ways. It’s definitely one of a kind project with potential to become DeFi blue chip.