Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol — built on top of the Terra Blockchain — aims to be the “gold standard for passive income” by establishing a stable savings rate across the typically highly volatile crypto and DeFi universe utilizing Proof-of-Stake block rewards. The protocol launched in mid-March 2021 with an initial working feature-set that allows users to earn a fixed 20% APY on their UST (the native Terra USD-pegged stablecoin) and to collateralize $LUNA to borrow UST incentivized by the distribution of the ANC governance token. The protocol achieved more than $700M in TVL one month after launch. In the future Anchor will also integrate other PoS assets such as DOT, ATOM, and SOL and its target is to have the Anchor savings protocol seamlessly integrated into multiple retail-facing savings and payment applications around the world.

Qi experts reviews

The banking system is pretty much broken; there are no places anymore for people to save their hard-earned money. Anchor is fixing that by providing a fixed 20% yield on UST deposits, which is quite revolutionary and extremely attractive for mainstream users. Anchor is a product that I recommend to all my non-crypto friends, and they love it.