Software Architect by profession leading a team of developers globally. Currently VP of Engineering for a Tech firm. In the crypto world since 2019 and immensely passionate about the blockchain arena and I never intend to leave this space as I believe that it can truly revolutionise the world

Investment thesis

I believe that the crypto community is one of my best sources of becoming cognizant of new projects. After that, what transpires is my own in-depth research into the project industry (what value does the project bring to the entire ecosystem), Fundamental analysis, Tokenomics, Quality of white papers, Quality of the project community, Metrics like Market Cap, Liquidity, and 24 hours trading volumes, Circulating Supply, Locked Supply, FDV, Timing of my investment, Project team’s skills and legitimacy (anon or non-anon) and many other such parameters. Only after I am satisfied with all of these parameters, I then plan on investing in the project.