CryptoConqueror, the man behind Danxia Capital, is a Finance PhD candidate whose research interests are Venture Capital and Defi. He has been involved in the cryptocurrency market since the end of 2016. Prior to that, he worked in the investment banking sector as a debt capital markets researcher and ran a health and fitness business for 5 years.

Investment thesis

When evaluating projects, we need to apply a holistic approach. It is not enough to just look at a product or team. Instead, one needs to make investment decisions based on a wide array of indicators, including the project’s value proposition, team strength, within-team-dynamics, market conditions and outlook, tokenomics, marketing effectiveness, community support, innovation and technology, regulations, and others. To achieve that, we have to go beyond inter-group discussions and participate in the daily business activities of our partners. That way, we can see the whole picture, support each project more effectively and make more informed investment decisions.