Although I got into Crypto back in early 2017 and witnessed the complete bull run, I can be called a "child of the bear market" as I see this phase (2017-2020) as a potential strength. I was involved with Crypto every single day, even though the basic attitude of the market was pessimistic throughout. So I learned to be less emotional and not lose focus. Anyone can profit in a bull run, but the bear market makes you strong.

Investment thesis

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crypto trader, we all have a limited amount of one very rare asset – time. The time available to us must be used efficiently, and this is almost impossible alone in an almost infinite crypto market that develops by the second. Therefore, everyone can benefit from the division of labor, complementary and contrarian views, and collaboration. Not only the technical components of a platform/asset are essential, but also the narrative, the visual and emotional stimulation, and the user experience. Only when an asset meets several of these ingredients can it be successful over the long term.