A Basic Crypto Security Guide

  • 9 Min Read

This article is one of the first ones published under the Qi Capital brand, and although you probably expected some alpha from us, we want to talk with you about security first. Why? Because it is the foundation of any new or existing crypto wealth, and you should care about it no matter if you are new to space or a veteran who hasn’t thought about it much yet. Therefore we want to provide you a guide containing the essential measures you should take to mitigate risk. We don’t even try to say “eliminate risk” because there is no 100% security, especially not in the crypto space. Cases like the hack of High Karp’s (the founder of Nexus Mutual) MetaMask wallet in 2020 should tell us that (you can read more about it here).

Security vs. Privacy

Before we dive into individual security measures, let us quickly distinguish the two topics, security and privacy, as they often get mixed up. We define privacy as the ability to be free from undesired observation (you “hide your action” from the outside world). In contrast, security is all about the ability to negate unauthorized actions (you “keep your funds safe” from the outside world). Both concepts… Read More


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