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This is a transcript from my podcast interview with Bitcoin_Sage and TheThorLady, available here

Archon: Welcome to the first episode of my podcast after the rebrand to Qi Podcast as part of the Qi Capital content program. Today, I have the honor to talk about Thorchain with two of its core community members, Bitcoin_Sage and TheThorLady. The first episode will cover the basics of Thorchain. The second episode will dive deeper into tot o earn passive income as a liquidity provider and the protocol’s future.

Hello, Bitcoin_Sage and TheThorLady; I’m delighted to have you here today to discuss Thorchain and how it can also be used to generate passive income as well as what we can expect from it in the future. I mean, you are both very involved in the core Thorchain community and you are some of the most respected members of it. And you’re always trying to increase adoption and helping people with onboarding onto the platform and the project. And as a starter, can you tell us a bit more about your journey into Crypto and how you stumbled across it in the first place, and when it was.

TheThorLady: Thanks for organizing this, I’ve always wanted to speak to everyone, and it’s an excellent opportunity to talk about the future of my journey with cryptocurrencies. So the first coins, we call them like “dino coins” now, but invested in Stellar, NEM, which is still prevalent here in Japan, Ripple, and of course, Bitcoin. Pretty much all of the coins that were. Then shortly after, a significant incident and a lot of my NEM tokens were stolen, and then the bear market came 2017, 2018. I held on to most of my coins but also took out some profits. And to answer the second part of your question, I discovered Thorchain through reading the initial Binance report. So I subscribed to the media and blog and followed them on Twitter and in as many channels as possible. I

I think it was closer to the end of 2019 when I really did more research and started investing.

Archon: Perfect, thank you and Sage, what was your story?

Bitcoin_Sage: Yeah, so I went to Crypto in 2013, so two cycles ago. Back then, there were not so many coins around, only 10… Read More


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