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An Interview With The THORSwap Team About Becoming A Major Cross-Chain DEX

As an early investor, we did an interview with the THORSwap team and talked about the history of THORSwap as well as its future as a cross-chain DEX aggregator, and of course about the upcoming THOR token.

Qi Capital: Hello dear THORSwap team and welcome to this interview in the name of Qi Capital.
THORSwap: Hello. Thank you. Really appreciate this opportunity to share the THORSwap story.

Qi Capital: Today we want to better understand how THORSwap works and also learn about its very ambitious plans for the future. Many of our readers who have already interacted with THORChain in some way have used THORSwap probably either to trade or do swaps or to provide liquidity, but for everybody who hasn’t can you explain a bit the difference of THORSwap in comparison to THORChain and how did it evolve from BEPSwap originally on Binance Chain to what we see today, sitting on top of THORChain’s Multi Chain Chaos Net (MCCN)?
THORSwap: The way to think about it is that THORChain acts as a liquidity protocol, which is really providing access to liquidity pools across multiple blockchains. That’s one layer and then you also have an additional layer on top, which is called the “interfaces,” or another way to think about it is they’re basically DApps. Those are two different layers. You have the interfaces, aka DApps that are sitting on top of the THORChain protocol of pools.

THORSwap is one of those interfaces. There are actually several different interfaces out there, which I’m sure we’ll talk about but THORSwap, you could think of it as Uniswap for THORChain. It’s very similar to Read More


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