Coinweb: Bringing Blockchains Together

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Coinweb: The future of Blockchain Interoperability


The revolution of blockchain interoperability has started, with many projects working day and night to resolve existing issues around cross-chain operability. One of the most overlooked projects in the industry that focuses on blockchain interoperability is Coinweb. The project provides a solution to the increasingly important topic of blockchain interoperability that will lay the path to the future of decentralised finance. It aims to be the first general-purpose blockchain platform to deliver true interoperability for real-world usage.

Blockchain interoperability is like using multiple blockchains as they were one, which means you can easily transfer information between them. As a result, many of the applications that run on one platform today will benefit the industry more if they can simultaneously run on multiple platforms. For instance, blockchain operability can significantly improve user experience as information and transaction can freely flow across blockchains without resorting to costly and time-consuming third-party applications. Once up and running, Coinweb plans to offer A) fast/secure transactions across Read More

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