DeFi Land x Anchor Protocol?

  • 5 MIN READ

With a multi-chain world becoming seemingly more imminent, integrating with other chains is one of the best ways to quickly bring benefits to both sides. Since the start of the year, both the Terra and Solana community has exploded and enjoyed tremendous growth in terms of price, development, and community. But to this day there is still limited interaction between both communities.

In this article, we propose integrating Anchor Protocol with one of the most exciting “play-to-earn” games being developed on Solana: DeFi Land.

DeFi Land

The recent explosion of Axie Infinity has given the “play-to-earn” model legitimacy among developing games in the industry. DeFi Land is quickly following suit in that model and providing a unique take on bringing DeFi mainstream.

DeFi Land plans to gamify decentralized finance by creating a fun and interactive way for non-crypto users to get on board. Through the game, users will learn basic DeFi skills such as “staking”, “swapping”, “yield farming”, and “providing liquidity”. The beauty about this game is non-crypto users will be able to do all the basic DeFi activities without actually interacting with the protocols themselves. It is able to do this because Read More