Deep Dive | Valkyrie Protocol

  • 7 MIN READ

Valkyrie is one of the most unique protocols in the Terra ecosystem. It aims to solve the inefficiencies in the current referral marketing industry which has led to increased costs for campaign creators and reduced rewards for participants.

Referral marketing in this context consists of a marketing scheme that revolves around incentivizing customers to share it with their network. While this use case could be expanded to influencers, content creators, and artists, Valkyrie will start out by helping other protocols onboard new users.

How it works

At its core, Valkyrie consists of a few participants:

  • Campaign Creators: create campaign to incentivize certain actions.
  • Campaign Participants: completes actions in campaign to receive reward.
  • Campaign Referrers: share campaign to receive reward.

In order to create a campaign, the campaign creator first needs to decide which action to incentivize, the campaign budget, and the rewards schemes.

For example, Anchor Protocol creates a campaign to incentivize more users to deposit into Anchor Earn with a “participation reward” of 10 ANC and a “share reward” of [50,30] VKR.

This means if a participant completes the action of “depositing into Anchor Earn” they would earn the Read More