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An Interview With THORWallet — One Crypto Wallet To Rune Them All

Qi Capital: Hi Marcel and welcome to this interview. I am very happy to have you here and that you took the time although you are very busy regarding the upcoming launch of THORWallet.
Marcel: Thank you so much for inviting me, it is my pleasure to be here!

Qi Capital: We have already met before and it’s fascinating to see the progress you have made since then but let’s talk first about your background and what has led you to the creation of THORWallet. Could you give our listeners a short rundown on your crypto journey?
Marcel: My Name is Marcel and I’m the Founder and CEO of THORwallet. I’m a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in Banking & Finance from the University of Zurich. I also started a Ph.D. in IT. I’m currently also a course director at the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne for two further education courses, the CAS Crypto Finance & Cryptocurrencies, and CAS Blockchain course. Those are 3–4 months deep-dive courses in the said topics.

I’m further a board member of the DEC Institute, which is an online examination and certification platform for digital assets specialists, backed by leading blockchain universities. They do like the internationally acknowledged Chartered Digital Asset Analyst Exam, maybe you’ve heard of them. I also recently had the chance to join the Crypto Valley Association as a board member — one of the biggest blockchain-related associations worldwide. Before that, I acted in award-winning tech startups in various roles from the founder, early management member, or angel investor.
Now, what has to lead me to the creation of THORWallet: For me, crypto & blockchain is the symbiosis of Read More


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