Raydium farming — A quick how-to

  • 18 MIN READ

Crypto farming is a relatively new phenomenon, popularized during the legendary DeFi summer when we witnessed a spectacular rise of various farming platforms. In those early days, 100% of those farms were built on Ethereum, which is notoriously known for its slow speed and expensive gas.
I actually avoided those activities; it felt too risky; I was focused more on accumulating DeFi tokens, like YFI, SUSHI, or RUNE. My first real farming experience was with BAO sometime in December 2020, and I fell in love with that crazy game.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum gas prices went sky high, and it became costly to farm anything, so people were looking for other solutions. Binance’s BSC came out as a big winner, but I didn’t like its wild nature and poor choice of projects, mostly just pump-and-dump schemes. (It got better meanwhile, so please anon, don’t shout at me 😉
I had my position in Serum, built on Solana, so when I heard about a new project that uses Serum DEX, aiming to compete with Ethereum equivalents in farming, I was very interested.
That project was Raydium
Now, getting there required a bit of a learning curve because Solana blockchain is very much different from Ethereum, and it takes time to figure things out.
The first step is to create your own Solana address, which you can do on sollet.io.
Once you got your address, you can head over to Binance and buy some SOL and send it to your address. The transactions on Solana are so cheap that 20$ worth of SOL can last you for months.You need SOL for transactions but also to g. Read More