Terra Luna

The Terra blockchain is based on Cosmos and has been launched in 2018 by TerraformLabs based in South Korea. Terra offers a highly scalable blockchain with native stable coin support that allows for programmable money and an open, decentralized financial infrastructure built on top of it. It supports a basket of fiat-pegged, seigniorage share-style stablecoins (e.g. UST) which are algorithmically stabilized by the native crypto asset, Luna. Terra is constantly in the top 5 blockchains based on generated fees, mainly driven the demand for KRT through its retail and commerce application Chai as well as increasing UST volume, driven by the synthetic asset protocol Mirror Finance and Anchor Protocol.

Qi experts reviews

The whole investment thesis for Terra can be broken down into one simple line: Demand for UST = Luna burn = Luna price appreciation. When you add a visionary CEO capable of executing at scale, there is no other way than to invest in such project & team.

I’ve become addicted to the Terra ecosystem. Due to excellent user experience, well-thought-out interfaces, great visual quality (logos, UI design, …) it is now the largest ecosystem I am in. The sheer amount of new projects in the pipeline will ensure that TERRA will be a household name for everyone in 2021.